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Lactose-Free Greek Yogurt: get lost in a moment of bliss

Subtle flavours and a silky-smooth finish make Oikos Lactose-Free Greek Yogurt the perfect swap in your go-to dishes. Explore endless possibilities: swirl it into smoothies, serve it over granola or incorporate it into sauces. The world is your Lactose-Free yogurt!

The same creamy yogurt, lactose-free

Our Lactose-Free Greek Yogurt retains its dreamy dairy-goodness, without any lactose. Enjoy the classic benefits of Greek yogurts, which contain protein and calcium, in a simple way. And rest assured, our yogurts still have the same creamy goodness you love us for.

Enjoy lactose-free yogurts at any time

Discover our scrumptious range and give in to a moment of mindful pleasure. When life gets busy, it’s hard to find moments to reconnect with yourself. Our lactose-free yogurts are the perfect comfort treat to help you find time to indulge, relax, and care for yourself.

Follow a simple ritual to create your own moment of bliss to enjoy your yogurt. Settle down in the perfect cozy place. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and treat yourself to a spoonful of creamy goodness. Escape to your happy place.


Lactose-free but delight-full recipes

Our lactose-free Greek yogurts are perfect to create delicious combinations and tasty recipes.

Raising your breakfast game, shaking up your smoothies or revamping old recipes become easy with Oikos. Discover how to swap kitchen staples for your favorite yogurt.

Enjoy a self-indulgent moment of cooking for yourself and your loved ones, on us.