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Nothing brings us together like great food. Every taste of Oikos connects us with its dreamy creamy texture and infusion of Mediterranean spirit. When you’re eating Greek yogurt, the Greek way of life is only a spoonful away!

The Oikos Connection means sharing in the goodness that is Greek yogurt. It means savouring life to the fullest and finding happiness in simple pleasures. We believe that the most enriching moments are the ones where we take the time to really connect with the people and things that matter. Enjoying good food with good company has a renewing effect, one that makes the rest of the day brighter and a little more Greek.


Oikos stands for a Mediterranean lifestyle with Greek yogurt made from wholesome, real and delicious ingredients. Inspired by Greek tradition, we infuse vibrant flavours and a signature creamy texture into every spoonful. With Oikos Greek yogurt, bring that Mediterranean spirit of togetherness into your everyday life. Find your Oikos Connection.


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