Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Well unfortunately you can’t dunk them in your tea. Cookies are small pieces of information that we store on your computer so we can remember certain things about you. They help us to make sure the Activia website is as good as it can be. If you read on, we’ll tell you what information we store in these cookies and why we need it. We’ll also let you know how you can stop us storing these cookies on your computer if you want to. The website wouldn’t work as smoothly as we’d like it to without them!

The information we store

When you visit our website we place a cookies on your computer to enable you to browse from page to page without having to log in. These cookies are deleted when you leave our website. We also use cookies to remember who you are so that you can log back into the site again more easily and so that we can see which bits of our web site you visit and for how long to help us to make our website better. These cookies persist on your computer until you delete them.

We also use cookies when you sign up to our Danone database. These cookies remember who you are and sometimes are used to determine what internet adverts you see. We do this so that we don’t serve you with inappropriate and un-necessary banner ads. For example, if you have already signed up to our Loyalty programs, we don’t want to continue to show you an advert for that, so the internet advertising cookie tells us to serve you with something more appropriate. These cookies persist on your computer until you delete them.

The cookies don’t store very much information at all and certainly don’t store any of your personal information. Our cookies are usually encrypted and can only be read by our servers. The cookies are generally there to communicate with our servers to help us to make our web site work better for you. It’s our way of making the Activia website as good as it can be, so we hope you don’t mind too much!

Our friend’s cookies

Sometimes we use cookies stored by other companies that we trust, like Google. We use a programme called Google Analytics. This is a tool that helps us understand how you use the site and the ways we can improve it. Google Analytics stores cookies on your computer, which let us know how long you spend on the site and the pages that you visit.

To learn more about Google analytics, check out their official page Cookies Google Analytics.

Turning off cookies

Of course you can still visit our web site and decline to allow us to use cookies – that’s your choice. It may mean that certain parts of the website don’t work as well as if you did allow us to use cookies – but it will not stop you using our web site. If you really don’t want us to store cookies on your computer, you can turn them off. All you need to do is adjust your settings in your browser. Just click on “Help” in your browser to learn how to do this.

Want to know more?

Hopefully we've answered all your questions about cookies. However, if you have any more, feel free to contact us.